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Did you know that Taskers is over 90% owner-occupied?

April 26, 2019 | Taskers Team

Purchasing an apartment in a multi-residential development is a life-changing decision that requires due diligence. We are proud to say that a massive 94% of apartments and townhouses at Taskers are owner-occupied. This goes a long way in reassuring you of the quality of investment at Taskers.

The benefits of living in an owner-occupied development include:

Less turnover
Being predominantly owner occupied means fewer transactions both in the resale and the competing rental market. This minimises the price pressures from outside influences that would normally be seen in a highly competitive investor / tenant scenario, particularly in a market that is currently being influenced by a looming election.

Maintenance and presentation
Most residents have selected Taskers as their primary home and are therefore more invested in maintaining the property to its highest standards. The overall presentation of the property is far superior with a higher number of owner occupiers who know each other and share a passion for looking after and caring for their home. Our Taskers’ community takes ownership, not only of their own apartment but also in the entire property; they view the gardens as their own and are emotionally invested in their surrounds. This is in contrast to a predominantly leased building that sees a constant changeover of property owners and tenants.

Welcoming community
Taskers offers multiple levels of enjoyment and a varied apartment offering for every resident, no matter what stage of life. The community spirit is being nurtured over time too, built on the foundation of likeminded groups of downsizing baby boomers, young professional couples and retirees. This becomes particularly appealing to those looking to live here and enjoy the benefits of the Taskers community.

Future gain
When choosing an apartment it’s crucial you know how to pick one from the best development. Gary Dempsey Developments has meticulously designed and planned Taskers to ensure your home will not only withstand the test of time but its future value too. Every key element has been considered, from the street address to the floorplan, to its impressive facilities through to its energy saving initiatives and quality build. Here you can enjoy the benefits of a very well managed community. The owners respect their shared investment and created a fabulous place to live therefore protecting their greatest asset for generations to come.

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