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Downsizing your home means upgrading your lifestyle

April 4, 2019 | Blog by Taskers Living

With the notion of trading-down alive and well, the choice to forgo a large home for a smaller one, is a global trend that is catching on fast. Luxury downsizing may not only free up funds and time due to less maintenance and lower household bills, it also provides life-changing health and lifestyle benefits.

Here are a couple of reasons why downsizing could transform your life.

1. Less effort on upkeep and maintenance

Most people would agree that reducing time, energy and money spent on maintenance and upkeep is one of the most appealing reasons to move into a more manageable home.

Without the barely-used formal rooms and vast garden, the focus shifts from the endless grind of caring for a large property, to a new reality – one of calm and contentment. The daily benefits that come with fewer responsibilities and diminished workload will greatly reduce stress and anxiety and most significantly you’ll be invigorated by the flexibility of filling each moment doing things that are most important to you.

2. Financial savings

It is worth considering that a step down on the property ladder could see you in a more comfortable financial position. Research by Key Retirement revealed that almost 60 per cent of those looking to downsize are tempted by the possibility of topping up their retirement kitty, 48 per cent wanted a lower maintenance home, and 21 per cent wanted to dial down their monthly bills.

Smaller homes and apartments also mean lower utility and maintenance bills and decreased property insurance policies. Think of how an increased cash flow can be used to fund more exciting pursuits – from taking up a language and joining the local clubs, to improving at Pilates or learning how to sail.

3. Peace of mind

Surround yourself with like-minded owners that take pride in their home at Taskers. The feeling of being liberated from the tyranny of household chores, maintenance, large bills and large gardens is just the beginning of your journey. Downsizing affords a space to breathe, a feeling of empowerment and the luxury to broaden our minds and think deeply about what it really is that drives us. It allows us to leave behind oft long-held ideals that for many only leads to disappointment and stress and instead provides the opportunity to start anew with fresh ideas and aspirations.

When you commit to downsizing, you are making a commitment to yourself to finally discover what it is that makes you truly happy.

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