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State Of The Property Market

May 10, 2019 | Stephen Vitale, Taskers Living

Over the last quarter, North Fremantle property has continued on a trajectory of desirability. A market in high demand, with the perfect mix of eclectic property offerings that maximise the outgoing community vibe of Fremantle, combined with the upmarket sophistication of neighbouring Mosman Park.

We have seen positive overall growth in both apartment and land sales with new build, high-end properties as well as the renovation and consequent increase in value of character workers’ cottages. Apartment and housing prices, compared to five to 10 years ago, are unrecognisable and we are confident they will continue to grow as an increasing number of existing commercial and light industrial properties are rezoned to residential.

Excitingly, the next quarter will see the commencement of construction on our final stage of Taskers – Siskas. As has been the case historically, once the marketplace sees us breaking ground, we anticipate a great number of sales in the immediate two to three months following. Those who have experienced the professionalism of Gary Demspey Developments and have been following the construction of Taskers are reassured that the projects run to completion and are constructed to the very highest standard.

Taskers is already 94% owner occupied and whatever the outcome of the upcoming general election, which is being dubbed by some as the “Property Election”, the project has a higher level of immunity to factors that might effect investors, such as the impacts of negative gearing and capital gains tax, which are obviously high on the agenda. People will be bolstered by the knowledge of what is happening in the greater market and thus move forward in the comfort of the security associated with purchasing in a predominantly owner-occupied development.

Naturally we are seeing a more subdued sales environment prior to the election, however due to the successfully designed community masterplan and lifestyle considerations, sales at Taskers will consolidate following the outcome, no matter the external influences. Most recent sales in the lastquarter have concentrated on the more substantial three-bedroom apartments, which is consistent with sales in the wider North Fremantle area. However, thanks to the mixed offering of one, two, three, four bedroom apartments and penthouses, Taskers welcomes everyone home.

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