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That winning feeling in North Freo

August 20, 2016 |

It’s official: the first stage of the Taskers Living development in North Fremantle is the best apartment building in WA.

The Falcon complex, between the river and the sea, took out top honours in the 2016 Master Builders Australia Awards.

While it’s a great win for the developer/builder Dempsey Construction and architects Zuideveld Marchant Hur, what’s it like living in the six-storey building with a pool, gym and cafe?

Iso and Miranda D’Amico moved into a fourth-floor apartment about a year ago – and they couldn’t be happier.

It was the fi rst time they had bought an off-the-plan apartment. “When we sold our house on a big block in Churchlands, I was a little nervous about moving to an apartment,” Miranda said.

“I was worried there wouldn’t be enough space for our two children and our dog, and that it would be too noisy.

“But it’s been a life-changing experience – there are so many benefi ts to living in an apartment.”

Not having to look after a pool and garden is one of the benefi ts, and socialising with the neighbours is another, Miranda says.

“On Saturday night, all the residents got together for a oneyear party,” she said.

“There is such a nice village feel here.”

After selling their house, Miranda and her family decided to test the waters by renting an apartment in another suburb. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

“The complex was not built to the same standard as Taskers,” she said.

“I could hear taps running and toilets flushing, but we don’t hear any of that here.

“The windows are double glazed, so there could be 100km winds on a howling day and we wouldn’t hear it.

“The acoustics are great.”

Iso works in the building industry, making sandstone products. He is not connected with the Taskers projet.

He had a good look at the plans and noticed the developers were insulating some of the pipes to help minimise noise.

Taskers developer Gary Dempsey said the building had the highest standard of acoustic control that could be found in any new multi-unit development in WA.

“Doubled-glazed windows are fitted to commercial frames, along with an acoustic partywall system to rival any other apartment development,” Mr Dempsey said.The smoke-free development has more than 3000sq.m of manicured gardens, complete with alfresco barbecue areas and a solar-heated lap pool.

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