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How SISKAS design and build is future proofed for the next generation

July 16, 2019 | Taskers Team

The design thinks big with these technologies, new construction techniques and innovative materials, which have enabled world-class engineering solutions, energy efficiency initiatives and an enhanced way to live, work and travel. Here are just some of the ways that Siskas is embracing the future:


  • World Class Transport Options
    Siskas is set to be the very first apartment building in Australia to incorporate an autonomous passenger drone landing station ̶the futuristic Vertical Take-Off and Landing facility (VTOL)! It is also charging ahead to power the current electric vehicle revolution with fully equipped car battery chargers installed in the basement.


  • Ground-breaking Technologies
    Taskers intelligent design is ready to adapt to the next wave of technology. Take the latest European plumbing for example, which provides the highest-level acoustic rating available on the market and ensures absolute privacy from your neighbours. Every residence too is constructed with a unique seven-layer party wall system to eliminate in entirety any noise transmission between apartments.


  • Sustainability
    Siskas has a 5 Star Green Star sustainability rating and as a result of Taskers strata company acting as a buyer of commercial electricity, individual and communal power costs are cut by around 20 percent. Rooftop solar panels generate renewable energy to heat the lagoon pool (serviced by an artesian bore) and common areas are fitted with motion detectors that also contribute to lower power consumption and reduced strata levies. A 7.5 Star energy efficiency rating has been achieved with LED lighting, between-floor insulation and commercial grade double-glazing that not only has remarkable acoustic benefits but also increases the thermal qualities of each apartment to significantly reduce dependency on artificial heating and cooling.


  • Quality Build and Construction
    The coastal location of Siskas has naturally been conscientiously considered and fixtures and finishes have been selected on their capacity to withstand the corrosive nature of salt air. Galvanised steel (can we say 316 marine grade stainless steel?) water and power outlets, for example, are a standard inclusion on all the expansive balconies to ensure longevity and ultimately eliminate replacement costs. Every fixture at Siskas, from the large, flat screen digital intercom to pull-down wardrobe hanging rails and state-of-the-art Gaggenau appliances, is built to last.