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How to maximise your floorplan in 4 simple steps

May 23, 2019 | Taskers Team

When looking into a development such as Taskers there are multiple floorplans on offer. So how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

The easiest way is to write a wish list, which will be dictated by how you think you will use the apartment the most. Depending on these requirements you will quickly determine how many and what size rooms you need and the format of the floorplan, with some layouts soon becoming far more attractive than others. Regardless of whether you live on your own or have a family, here a few things to consider.


Referencing a scaled floorplan is fundamental when deciding which pieces of existing furniture will fit and what pieces you will need to purchase. To future proof your floorplan, consider what your life will look like in five to 10 years. If every centimetre of space has a purpose, then the furniture and format will no doubt be able to accommodate that changing lifestyle.


Many people move into apartments from larger established homes so adequate storage space is of primary concern. Whether you are a dedicated follower of fashion, a cyclist or hobbyist, for example, you may be more likely to pay more attention to wardrobe design and functionality or a common area where can store your bike or fishing gear. A spare room becomes so much more when you consider the potential to be a study, library, music room, craft or sewing room, or man cave.

Entertaining areas

Taskers offers an abundance of shared outdoor entertaining areas around the pool, barbecue areas and gardens, but if you are used to private dinner parties or having friends over to watch the game, you’ll want a sense of connection to the kitchen and space for a large dining table and chairs or enough sofa space from which to comfortably cheer on your team. A breakfast bar in the kitchen too, not only provides an inviting space for your guests to interact and share a drink with you, but also adds valuable counter space for everyday incidentals.


A balcony connected to an open plan living area floods an apartment with essential natural light, critical for an elevated sense of wellbeing. It is the perfect place for a sundowner at any time of the year and varying floorplans allow people to choose from differing orientations, all of which offer something special to different people. Would you prefer a sea view, river view, garden view or a northerly aspect? This is a deeply personal choice that will no doubt rank high in your selection criterium.

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