SISKAS is the very latest technology
energy efficiency initiatives and intelligent design


Groundbreaking technologies, new construction techniques and innovative materials have enabled world-class engineering solutions, energy efficiency initiatives and an enhanced way to live, work and travel, now and into the future.

Taskers is integrated with the very latest technology, energy efficiency initiatives and intelligent design. Siskas is fully equipped, future-proofed and ready to adapt to the next wave of technology. From electric car charging facilities in the basement and Australia’s very first autonomous passenger drone landing station, Taskers has the unique advantage of seamlessly combining the latest technological advances into residents’ homes and lives.

Taskers’ strata company acts as a buyer of commercial electricity, which in turn reduces individual and communal power costs by around 20 percent.

Siskas boasts a 5 Star Green Star rating and average energy efficiency rating of 7.5 Stars.

The rooftop solar panels generate renewable energy to heat the 25 metre lagoon pool and all common areas are fitted with motion detectors. Both contribute to lower power consumption, which ultimately reduces strata levies.

Siskas achieves a 5 Star Green Star equivalence rating for sustainability and 7.5 Stars for energy efficiency. The installation of insulation between floors, along with commercial-grade double-glazed windows and doors add to the exceptional thermal qualities of each apartment, thereby reducing dependency on artificial heating and cooling.

We put the environment is at the forefront of everything we do and from conception to construction to completion and remain committed to ensure that our energy saving practices reduce residents power costs and the carbon footprint throughout their lifetime. 

Photo Volatic Solar Cells on each building with sub meters to each apartment for energy use monitoring.

Electric car recharging points.

Solar heated pools to a maximum depth of 1.2m for maximum heating efficiency.

LED lighting both internally and externally and double glazed windows and doors on all external surfaces.

Stiebel Eltron instantaneous hot water units which are 99% energy efficient and provide an endless supply of hot water.

Landscaping has been designed to reflect the natural coastal native species.

We use a unique seven-layered party wall system with the latest European plumbing technology to provide the highest level acoustic rating and ultimate privacy.

We work with WA’s leading sustainable architectural practices to ensure our residents benefit from a range of innovative long term energy saving practices to reduce our environmental footprint for years to come.



With LEDs installed throughout, electric car chargers, insulation between floors, and a 25-metre solar-heated lap pool, Siskas is committed to sustainability.



Siskas is installed with solar panels that generate renewable energy and save approximately 20 percent on residents’ electricity bills.



Private gardens embrace sustainable living at its best, with an onsite artesian bore that services the landscaped grounds.


Vertical Take-Off & Landing

Siskas is set to be the very first apartment building in Australia to incorporate the futuristic Vertical Take-Off
and Landing (VTOL) facility.


Design & Technology

Siskas is committed to intergrating the advancements in technology by creating the very best environment for
future generations.

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