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The top 4 perks you need to know about living in an apartment

May 22, 2019 | Taskers Team

An increasing number of peopleare opting for apartment living as a preferred lifestyle choice. So, if this is your first foray into the apartment market, you are sure to be weighing up the pros and cons of this style of living over a traditional freestanding home. Whether you are a young professional couple or downsizing retirees, the benefits of living in an apartment are many and varied.

Some of the benefits of apartment living include:

Living in your dream location with amenities to match

At Taskers, the location is a major drawcard. For a fraction of the cost of a detached home in the same suburb, for example, residents are enjoying all the luxuries of a multi-million-dollar property, such as river and ocean views and all the conveniences of an established neighbourhood in a high socio-economic area.

Consider the amenities too, which offer an enhanced lifestyle without the ongoing costs of installation, repairs and maintenance. While the Taskers’ gym, wine cellar, lagoon pool and barbecue area are naturally provided for those who reside here, family and friends are also welcome and can take advantage of the 40 plus secure visitor car bays, a convenience not often available in busy suburban streets.

Low maintenance

Apartment living offers an opportunity to surrender such day-to-day chores as gardening and household maintenance, which are taken care of as a matter of course by a highly professional and competent team of property managers, gardeners and maintenance personnel. The freedom associated with this shedding of responsibilities ultimately results in more time to do the things you love.

The large numbers of owner-occupiers at Taskers are highly invested in the safety of their home and the commercial decisions related to it, being as it is the owner’s personal and potentially greatest asset. This, in turn, ensures future proofing of long-term maintenance and upkeep of the properties and comfort in knowing that your neighbours care.


For an entirely stress-free existence, Taskers features several layers of security to deter uninvited guests. All apartments have a large flat-screen digital intercom for visitor access, CCTV surveillance cameras at all exterior access areas, ground floor lobby and basement entry, and a secure access control system with proximity readers for entry to individual floors, visitor car parks, gymnasium, pool area, lobby and lifts. Living in close proximity to others too means it’s extremely difficult for an intruder to get away unnoticed.

For those who travel for work or leisure or simply enjoy regular weekends away, it is reassuring to know your apartment can therefore be locked up and securely left without employing the services of a house sitter to water the garden and maintain the illusion of the home being occupied.

Being Social

Perhaps one of the greatest assets of living in a multi-residential environment is the sense of community. Being socially connected is proven to promote good mental and physical health with evidence showing that people who are socially connected not only live longer, they’re also less likely to succumb to a variety of diseases.

The engineers and architects have embraced the concept of social connectedness and Taskers has been thoughtfully designed with people at its heart.  As our lives are getting busier and many of us don’t have time to get to know our neighbours, living at Taskers affords a connection between all communal areas, allowing for private areas and interactive space alike over multiple levels. This enables incidental opportunities to connect on a familial level with like-minded people and friendly faces.

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